Kitty Waters is a scientist by training who took her detail-oriented perfectionism into making cake. She runs her kitchen as she would a laboratory, with careful and safe techniques, but with the experimental approach that allows flexibility of menu and ingredient choices. She loves when the cake becomes a special part of your day, not necessarily because you expected it to be, but because it stands out in your memories as remarkable and delicious. Recognized as a local leader in dessert taste, Kitty’s work has been published in Cake Central Magazine, Channel 5’s Talk of the Town, and many wedding blogs.  

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As Kitty Waters made birthday cakes for her young family, she experimented with recipes and designs she found online and found she had a knack. She was soon being asked by her friends to make cakes for their parties, and then members of the community started asking her to make their party desserts too. Kitty created the business, got her inspections and ducks in a row, and started making cake art for others in 2014. Oh Crumbs Bakery team has expanded to include a pastry chef and an art/design specialist, both of whom mirror the extensive experience with cake, sugar work, and extremely high standards that Kitty first introduced to the company.

How did Oh Crumbs Bakery begin?

Some Fun Facts About Kitty:

1. She was born in India as a citizen of Zimbabwe.

2. She grew up in Niger as the child of a field research scientist.

3. She speaks French and even minored in the language in college.

4. She has a PhD in Genetics from Yale University.

5. She is an anglophile who can’t survive without her tea time.

6. She married her high school sweetheart after dating long-distance for five years.

7. She had three children within five years.

8. She loves to travel, read Agatha Christie (yes, still) and all things Sherlock Holmes.