Ready to impress at your next big event? 

Oh Crumbs specializes in creative desserts that are masterfully prepared from scratch from top to bottom. 

If you’re looking for the cake that your guests will talk about for years, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for the cake that your guests will talk about for years, we’ve got you covered.

Celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime event calls for a 


worthy of your occasion.

we offer:

Wedding Cakes

Special Occasion Cakes 

for birthdays, showers, anniversary, baptism, a party for your nearest and dearest!

Other Goodies

Pastries, pies, cookies, macarons, bonbons, candy
 Everything you imagine in the sweetshop of your dreams, displayed on your dessert table? Why not?  

Moist and sinfully rich, this chocolate cake is filled with smooth chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and sealed with chocolate ganache



A classic white almond sour cream cake that is filled with fresh berries, peaches, or smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.


A flavorful berry cake (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry or raspberry), made with real fruit rather than synthetic extracts to make this cake speak for itself!


For citrus lovers! Lemon cake, lemon soaking syrup, lemon curd filling, and lemon buttercream.


Yellow cake with maple buttercream and crumbled salty bacon; scrumptious!


Coconut cake, baked with coconut milk and coconut flakes, brushed with a rum-infused caramel soaking syrup, filled with coconut custard and frosted with coconut buttercream.



Every cake is custom made, so each flavor is unique. Some exciting flavor options we’ve made for couples include IPA-infused buttercream with bacon and pretzels, spicy chocolate chilli, rose and pistachio, Old-Fashioned cocktail, and Ginger and lime! No cake is the same as another, just as each couple is completely unique.

Here are some starting flavors to drool over

Delicate white cake, accented with rose, lavender, or orange-blossom-infused buttercream and paired with a light lemon curd or strawberry puree filling.


Vanilla cake filled with fresh caramel sauce or vanilla creme patisserie, frosted with vanilla or caramel buttercream and crunchy honeycomb throughout.

creme brûlée

White cake with homemade marscapone cheese custard, expresso syrup and a light cocoa dusting.


A slight tang of cocoa, buttermilk, vinegar, this wonderful classic is fantastic paired with tart raspberry mousse and/or the classical cream cheese frosting.


Carrot cake on steroids, this cake would make the Easter Bunny swoon. It's stuffed with a variety of dried and fresh fruit. It's been paired with so many flavors, from caramel, cream cheese frosting, lemon, and of course vanilla buttercream.


Chocoalate Cake soaked with cherry syrup and filled with cherry fruit filling and/or a cherry vanilla buttercream.


An orange and vanilla cake, layered with orange curd and vanilla buttercream, it's made with fresh oranges, so bright and zesty.  

A sour cream almond cake spiced with ginger cinnamon, nutmeg and clove seasoning. Recommended fillings include apple or tart berry filling or white chocolate buttercream.


A light almond cake infused with earl grey tea, laced with wonderful floral Bergamot undertones. Extra yummy with a citrus curd and vanilla buttercream.




The design and number of servings of your cake are the primary factors controlling the cost of your dessert.  



Sheet Cake

Layered Cake

Buttercream: start at $6/serving
Ganache: $7/serving
Fondant: $8/serving


Minimum 1 dozen/flavor order

$3 each 
Standard with filling:
$4 each
Fancy cupcakes
(with gumpaste or fondant toppers):
start at $4.50 each 
Cake pops:
$2 each


Simple drop cookies: $2 
Decorated sugar cookies: start at $3 each 
French Macarons: $3 each 

1. consultation

Cake consultations allow you to create your own flavors based upon whatever tickles your fancy, from mojitos to milk-stouts to mangos. Whatever your “treat,” it can be turned into a customized cake flavor in an exciting way that will reflect you and ignite a buzz of excitement.

The Cake Creation Process

2. design

Using elements of your event as inspiration, your cake designer will draft some designs of cakes that channel the spirit of your event. Your cake design can reflect your invitations, dress, or perhaps some part of a place you love. Cake has become the new art medium for masterpieces; your options are limitless.

3. contract

When you enter a contract with Oh Crumbs Bakery, you can trust that your event takes top priority. We limit the cakes we do to ensure that quality is always paramount within each project.

4. final details

A month before your event, any changes in your contract become final, from guest count to flavor and design options. Two weeks before your event, we will have a phone consultation to confirm and coordinate all the details of your cake. You won’t have to worry about anything after that; we’ll take cake for all the details.  

5. your big day!

You can relax and enjoy your day without a care about your wonderful cake. Expect your guests to gush about your amazing sugar centerpiece, second in focus to only you two!

“Kitty will be one of your favorite wedding vendors because she is so helpful and thoughtful. Working with her is a breeze and a delight! Her cake is the most unique, delicious, and flavorful cake you could possibly have at your wedding or special event! Your guests will be raving about the cake. Best wedding cake vendor in Middle Tennessee. Period. Hire her!” - Stella R. 

"Your guests will be raving about the cake!"

“Oh Crumbs Bakery makes some of the most unique pastries and cakes I've ever seen. On top of the best looking, they are also some of the best tasting I've ever had!” - Lewis W. 

"Most unique pastries & cakes I've ever seen"

“Oh Crumbs Bakery cakes are not like normal wedding cakes, they are unique and you cannot stop eating it! It was absolutely perfect. I would not and will not use anyone else for my cake needs! Oh Crumbs Bakery is the way to go!” 
- Jessica, Wedding Wire

"Oh Crumbs' cakes are not like normal wedding cakes"

“Oh Crumbs Bakery uses real ingredients so you feel better about your sweet treat. Plus, she will work to create a flavor for you! My groom wanted something spicy and she whipped up a spicy chocolate cake that Everyone adored. Very pleased with Oh Crumbs Bakery!” - Teresa, Wedding Wire 

"She will work to create a flavor for you!"

“Everything about Oh Crumbs Bakery is wonderful! If you're looking for a fun, exciting, extra extra creative, beautiful and without a doubt, DELICIOUS cake.. go to Oh Crumbs Bakery!!” - Joanna B. 

"Everything about Oh Crumbs Bakery is wonderful!"

“I ordered macarons from Oh Crumbs Bakery for Valentine's Day. They are so far the closest I have found to ones in Paris yet! They were fantastic! Melt in your mouth, to die for.” - Haley P. 

 "Melt in your mouth,
to die for."

“Kitty is awesome to work with and always does a great job creating exactly what you want. She's very talented and her creations are always so detailed and delicious!” - Siv H. 

 "Her creations are always so detailed & delicious!"

“WOW! You ARE the 'Master Cake Maker'! I am beyond pleased with this amazing creation and everyone was in awe that it was a real cake! Not only did it look phenomenal, it tasted incredible! I will ABSOLUTELY without a doubt use again and again and again and again!” - Morgan C.

"Not only did it look phenomenal, it tasted incredible!"

“Oh Crumbs Bakery was absolutely wonderful. She truly brought our vision to life. One of the best cakes I've ever had, and we will remember it forever. I highly recommend her services, she remains professional but becomes like a close friend through this process. I can't recommend Oh Crumbs enough.”
- Brandi, Wedding Wire 

"One of the best cakes I've ever had, & we will remember it forever."

“Kitty was a joy to work with. The cake she made was absolutely delicious & simply gorgeous! She gave so many options for flavors & combinations it was like being a kid in a candy shop!” - Rebecca

"She gave so many options... it was like being a kid in a candy shop!"

“The guests thought the cake was incredible, and the flavor was absolutely one of the best I've ever tasted!” - Jessica J.

"The flavor was absolutely one of the best I've ever tasted!"


 You are an unabashed  



You care that your cake will be made with fresh ingredients & artisanal techniques.


You think artificial flavors are not as good as their original inspirations. 

 (That is, strawberry bubblegum is not as good as real strawberries.)


You want something that stands out & sparks the interest of your guests.


You want to remember your cake.


You want your guests to remember your cake.


You want have the best cake of your life at your wedding.


You have high expectations for service and flexibility.


You want a cake that fits your taste PERFECTLY. 


You love sharing exciting new things with your loved one. 

 (And your idea of a perfect date might involve a romantic cake tasting.)

Does this sound like you?
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